Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Old Bike

I’ve said before elsewhere that sometimes a photograph is more meaningful to you because of sentimental reasons rather than aesthetic qualities, or the creativity in its composition though as a photographer I’m conscious of making photographs and not just snapshots.

Last weekend after sitting long hours behind my PC surfing, I needed a fix so I retrieved my camera from my backpack and stepped outside and found myself in the store-room looking for anything visually interesting thereby making mental photographs before I turned the cam on.
I spotted my old bicycle in the corner of the store room and got closer to it. I stood there a while before taking segmented shots of it.

The rear tire of my over turned bicycle in retirement

A couple of years ago, my fix was to get on that machine and ride in any direction on a whim. I’d crank the gears up to its highest and pick up the pace till my heart raced and I was drenched in sweat and fatigue settled in my calf accentuated by the rock hard feeling in my buttocks and thighs so that when I finally got off that machine my steps became wobbly.

The combination lock I've had since my first bicycle. I'm able to change the combination as and when I want; unfortunately I've forgotten the last combination I set on it and the numbers too have been scraped off.

I had ‘high’ times on my bicycle like no other. There were times that I’d cut the breaks and speed down a slope across crossroads gambling the possibility of a passing vehicle whilst the wind rushed in my face and deafened me. The rush I felt is indescribable and almost orgasmic.

I remember a time I gathered guts to ramp off a heap of stones and over a wall of a friends place against his warning. I gunned my bicycle from a distance and caught major air; mid air, you feel a bliss and calm and the world slows down momentarily and your thoughts seem to gain stainless clarity – It’s surreal! I balanced the bike barely over the 4 foot-plus wall and landed. My bicycle shocks seemed to recoil totally and sprung me off the bike after landing. I sustained a cut in my palm with little regret. Those were the days.
My seat/rear adjustable shocks that launched me off the bike a couple of times and cushioned some of my daring air.

I showed off doing wheelies, bunny hops, jumping ramps, riding up and down stairs and the fulfillment came more from being able to pull it off than the praise of people.

One of the last things I spent money on before ditching the bike was to change the tires as the threads of the old tire wore off

These day’s my endurance is short, my fitness is poor and my reflexes are slow. Discovering my bike in the store room makes me think I have to get another one as the one gathering dust in the store room is damaged possibly beyond repair.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Yellow birds and spare

Yellow birds I enjoyed observing at Hans Cottage, Cape Coast.
If you happen to find yourself there, you should check them out. 
They are next to the restaurant at Hans Cottage.

and the spare (also at Hans Cottage,)

Heart Warming Baby

There are things that will make you unconditionally happy.
There are people who may contribute to your happiness.
Usually happiness is a choice; you choose to be happy.
Sometimes you can't help but be happy.
You can't help being happy when you observe a baby.
Babies  evoke happiness...

...from the moment they wake...

...when they pause during feeding(and when suckling)...

...they look lost in thought too sometimes (day dreaming perhaps)...

 ...when they are being prettied up in apparent oblivion...

...the Curiosity of a baby's eyes...

...the questioning look (what you looking at?)...

...their dainty little features...

...when they seem to be paying close attention...

...heart warming smiles...

 ...their babbling lectures (and they probably ask a lot of questions --- without answer.)...

 ...they taste everything.

Babies are just adorable!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The monkey within

Very serious people are unhappy people
Very serious people are uptight
Very serious people don’t let loose
There is a time for different temperaments
Once in a while though
Whatever the situation
You just gotta let loose

I think some mad people
Became mad out of loneliness
No one to hold
Or be held
No one to talk to
Or listen to
No affection
Occasional pity
No one to impress
And they could
But they don’t
Impress anyone.

Life’s little pleasures
Music’s melody
Eye candy
You don’t need to get there
Every moment can be…
It’s a sweet life.

We’re very self-conscious beings
If only we’d realize
That half the time
No one is watching
Go crazy
It’s therapeutic

Monday, April 11, 2011

Reasonable Excuse

I tried to give my buddy Jude a hard time for not updating his blog in a while only for him to bite back. My defense was that I was waiting to upload a picture I thought to be meaningful. I shoot everyday, and I get at least one picture I'm crazy about, but as to whether I think it's 'blog-able' is something I debate very often. Jude's counter has got me to realize that what ever excuse I give, it's still an excuse. And within me, I know if I don't feel a picture isn't worth being blogged, then I shouldn't expect anyone else to think so.

I do get good views from those who see most pictures I take, even the ones I don't put up that they are privy to.
So I'm going to try to stop making excuses, whether they are reasonable or not.

I love rain. There is a renewal effect after a down poor. I took this one morning on the way to school. I left home before it started raining, and I wished the rain would stop before I got off the tro-tro. Getting to the destination though it was evident that it hadn't rained there. During the ride I realized the wiper didn't work. When the Glass got fogged, the driver cleaned it and maintained his lane guided by the tail lights of other cars and road markings
For me, looking at this shot creates the ambiance of rain. There isn't much special about it's composition, just the magic of the mood.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

This is another attempt for me at blogging. I didn't like what I came up with the first time so after a while of being idle, I pulled it down. Till I felt inspired to start and be committed to it. If Jude Amoako-Adusei can commit to blogging, why cant I?

I love photography. I like 'making' photos, and I enjoy scrutinizing good photos with creative concepts. I can spend all day doing that. It feels like a calling I can't detach from. I've had periods when I felt it was monotonous; when it felt routine rather than borne from inspiration.
I am relatively inexperienced, but I miss the days when it was new to me; when every new thing I learned felt like a divine revelation. My shots then resulted from wanting to be creative and different as compared to now that taking shots feels more technical.
I have come along way. I see improvement's in my photos and with the way I relate to subjects. And as I like to share my photos and discuss, them maintaining a blog is just appropriate I figure.

 Below is Grandma. She doesn't do well with being in front of the camera and this picture is a rare moment. Her eyes have aged, and they are the most outstanding features in this photograph for me. A friend once told me that if the eyes are prominent, then the photo is communicating with it's observer.